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What does 'gum base' mean?Updated a year ago

Look at the ingredients list on a pack of regular gum, like Extra and you'll see the term gum base. 

Gum brands don't have to tell you what their gum base contains, it isn't required by law. 

That's how they get away with hiding the plastic. It’s deceiving, and disgusting.

These are just some of the plastics that can be found in regular gum:

  • Butadiene-styrene rubber 
  • Isobutylene-isoprene copolymer (butyl rubber)
  • Paraffin (via the Fischer-Tropsch process)
  • Petroleum wax
  • Petroleum wax synthetic
  • Polethylene
  • Polvinyl acetate

Polyethylene is used to make plastic bags and is one of the main culprits behind the 21 million tonnes of micro-plastics thought to be in the Atlantic Ocean[3]. Polyvinyl acetate is a thermoplastic polymer used to make the PVA glue we all know so well from our school days. Yum?! We thought not.

According to HuffPost UK, Wrigley, the company responsible for brands such as Extra, Hubba Bubba and Airwaves has confirmed that polyvinyl acetate is used in a selection of their products. You won't be surprised to hear that when asked which brands included this ingredient, they were unable to confirm...

These ingredients pollute our planet, and their gum will outlive you! 

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