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The truth about regular gum

Do the actual regular chewing gum pieces contain plastic?

Yes, it might be hard to believe, each piece of regular chewing gum is made from single-use plastic. For example, regular gum contains Polyethylene, which is one of the main compounds found in shampoo and water bottles. These plastics are hidden unde

Does chewing gum pollute the planet?

Plastic chewing gum creates huge problems for people and our planet. Brits chew over 5 million pieces every year. You’ll see it stuck to 90% of pavements across the UK and it costs the taxpayer millions to clean off our streets. Even when responsibly

How is regular chewing gum made?

Like us, we imagine you were pretty shocked when you found out most gum is made from plastic. Most gum contains the same plastics as those found in plastic straws, bottles, bags and even car tyres. It's hidden in the ingredients, under the phrase gum

Why is regular chewing gum bad for the environment?

Plastic chewing gum is stuck to 95% of pavements in the UK and even responsibly disposed of chewing gum ends up in landfill. As you can imagine, it can get into rivers and oceans in the form of micro plastics.